QD-UP Audio Services is dedicated to creativity and technical excellence because your sound is your expression. We have a keen ear for sound, a strong attention to detail, and a reputation for excellence in sound recording. All of us are active in the music community, therefore, we can provide a unique understanding of your goals and help you learn how sound can be pushed to the next level in order to better your product.
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ServicesWHAT WE DO

Q’d Up offers a full array of professional services. Whether you are just beginning the recording process or find your previously recorded audio needs special attention, we can help you. Q’d Up’s Pro Tools studio is fully equipped with an endless array of hardware, software, microphones, instruments and samplers making state of the art production work at practical costs a reality.

Transfer & Restoration

Q’d Up specializes in transferring your old reel-to-reel tapes, cassettes and LP records to CD, MP3 or other digital formats. With an extensive collection of sound reproduction equipment, virtually anything audio can be digitally formatted and we will do it for you without noise interference or volume problems. Through a series of processes, we can remove imperfections (such as hiss, crackle, noise, and buzz) from sound recordings. We use state-of-the-art hardware and software along with years of experience to remove all unwanted noise from your recordings.


Mastering consists of a series of processes which include final equalization, multi-level compression, level matching, de-noising, IRSC coding, time between tracks, fades, and P & Q sub-coding to Red Book Standard. A properly mastered album will sound awesome on whatever sound system you are listening through. Mastering is one of the most essential aspects of a recording project; it insures that the music will sound consistent with other commercial music.

Voice Over

Voiceover recording for all applications, including radio and TV spots, audio books, motivational CDs, web projects, corporate presentations, video, etc. is available. We also can provide voiceover talent for your project. For more information, contact us.

Sound Design

Q’d Up Audio Services offers world-class music production and sound design services from a team of composers who can provide scores for today’s most popular games and commercials for advertising’s top brands. We also provide musicians to add parts to an artist’s song. We can arrange, compose, score and play any style, tailored to any production, style or budget.

Recording & Mixing

Q’d Up is the preferred option for artists looking for an intimate and friendly setting for skilled recording at a reasonable rate. Our recording studio provides an ideal setting for singer/songwriters, instrumentalists, spoken word or voice-over projects, and small bands.
Q’d Up’s experienced mixing engineers can help you achieve an outstanding sound!  With our selection of gear, plugins and the powerful Pro Tools mixing environment, we can make sure every tone is brought out and spaced precisely in the mix.

PortfolioOUR WORK

Qd-up did a great job on my project, and I will definitely be working with them again in the future! — GillianVance

Great work, have hired John several times now. Highly recommended! - Katcse

Very fast and met my requirements. I would highly recommend. — robsan

Terrific to work with. Good work at a really good price. — kengire

John was everything I could hope for and then some. Will hire again! — hazenberg




Conveniently located near Harrisburg and Hershey, Q’d Up was founded in 2005 as a full service recording studio offering superior quality audio in music recording, production, sound design, voice over, audio transferring and restoration.  Our staff is a small group of professionals with a wide range of experience: Audio Degrees, Certifications, more than 20 years of combined music performance and recording experience, plus engineering credentials.  

John Luckenbaugh, owner and chief engineer of Q’d Up Audio Services, is an all-around music entrepreneur with esteemed accomplishments in sound engineering, music production, DJ entertainment and live/studio instrumentalist. He is a graduate of both Recording Connection (Audio Engineering) and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Bachelors Degree in Audio Production) where he learned the business and production techniques of the mass media industry (Television, Radio, Audio Production) while specializing in sound engineering.  John’s unbeatable talent, keen ears and friendly manner led Q’d Up to quickly become the facility of choice for many businesses and independent artists in Central Pennsylvania, across the country and around the globe.  

Whether it's cutting edge production, radio ready mixing, mastering or voice over services, it really all comes down to one thing: the ears and skills of your producer and engineer.  John enjoys being creative and exploring the ever evolving world of music and technology.  As a creative individual, his life is dedicated to putting top quality work and progressive thinking into all of Q’d Up's projects.  If you're considering any type of recording project, please feel free to contact us to discuss your goals and needs.