Welcome to Q'd Up Audio Services, Inc., a full service creative audio facility. We deliver real value and creativity to every production we touch. We have extensive audio experience, a keen ear for sound, a strong attention to detail, and provide a creative atmosphere for capturing the sound you seek. Through eight years of studio work we have discovered the process to convey the client’s message in the best manner through audio.
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ServicesWHAT WE DO

Q'd Up is glad to offer a range of recording, sound design, music composition, voice over and restoration services worldwide. Our studios focus on creativity and professionalism, combining digital and analog sound with a contemporary workflow to easily collaborate with clients near or far from our studio.

Transfer & Restoration

- Transfer and preservation from CD, LP, DAT, Cassettes, Reels
- Restoration of bad audio and problem recordings
- Audio Forensics

From analog reel to reel to vinyl and shellac restorations, we have the equipment and experience to archive and restore recordings at the highest possible fidelity.

Audio Restoration is a generalized term for the process of removing imperfections (such as hiss, crackle, background noise, and hum) from sound recordings.

Audio Forensics includes specialized signal processing for recovering speech masked by distortion or background sounds. Also, a variety of filters can be applied to enhance the material, bringing out specific aspects or events contained in the recording.

Although fully automated solutions exist, audio restoration is sometimes a time consuming process. There are many unknowns going into an audio transfer/restoration project, and the variables can make it difficult to estimate the cost. We offer a straight rate based on the amount of time required to perform the desired service.


*Music Composition*
- Original music scoring on films/video games
- Advertising/sonic branding/jingle production
- Music licensing
- Session musicians

We create commercial music for radio, TV, web, scores for film and video games, or a musical theme for corporate media. From original songs and licensed remixes, to instrumentals, underscores and soundscapes - We want what you want: audio that tells your story clearly, creatively and naturally.

Need a drummer or guitar player to fill out your track? We’re closely affiliated with top session players from around the region and around the world to give our compositions a richness and depth that can't be achieved by a synthesizer and a drum machine alone.

Voice Over

*Voiceover & ADR*
- Voice Over Talent
- Voice over recording
- Dialogue editing

Voice over artists require clarity, articulation, and a clean recording.   We can create a perfectly dry acoustic space that is ideal for voice over work. We also have high end microphones and outboard to give the proper presence your voice over needs.

We provide voice over production and editing services for audio books,  commercials, podcasts, games, animations, ADR, Internet media, motivational speakers, demo reels, institutionals, Elearning, and more.

We also can provide voice over talent for your project. We have a large roster that includes males/females of various ages, as well as, being fluent in English, Spanish, French, and German Languages.

Sound Design

- Sound Design
- Post Production
- Foley
- Audio and dialogue editing

We create customized audio accompaniment for documentaries, films, television programs, commercials, animations, video games and apps.

Our software synthesizer library and vast sampling knowledge can provide a virtually unlimited number of sounds and effects. We do everything from directly creating and manipulating an effect in our studio to going on-location to record a sound first hand. We also have plenty of sound effects and music libraries.

We can craft truly memorable audio experiences that are able to build powerful scene momentum, underscore action, and evoke emotion. We’re able to get the sound effect, music or atmosphere that’s essential to telling your story.

Recording & Mixing

- Studio Recording / Live venue Recording / On-Location Recording
- Mixing
- Mastering

We give any client the potential for world-class sound with an array of equipment that is extremely versatile and the ability to accommodate just about any size recording in either analog or digital. Even if you recorded your project somewhere else, we can overdub and mix your session.

In mixing, we have the experience and tools to make your track shine. We use a combination of high quality outboard gear and top plugins to produce the cleanest, tightest sounding mix possible.

Mastering is the process of applying procedures to a final mix in order to prepare the audio for the final production. We will deliver a final product that will carry through the richness, clarity and depth of the studio.

We also offer on-location and live venue recording. From capturing the sound of live performance in their unique setting, ranging from small rooms to concert halls and churches, to capturing the sound for films and foley through high resolution digital recorders and microphones, we’ll make sure your project turns out exactly how you envisioned it.

PortfolioOUR WORK

Qd-up did a great job on my project, and I will definitely be working with them again in the future! — GillianVance

Great work, have hired John several times now. Highly recommended! - Katcse

Excellent service and perfect delivery. We gave Q'd Up Audio a complicated business problem. They came up with a solution and implemented it seamlessly. Highly recommended.
- Bull Publishing

Terrific to work with. Good work at a really good price. — kengire

John was everything I could hope for and then some. Will hire again! — hazenberg




Q’d Up Audio Services, Inc. is a Harrisburg based creative sound studio.  Recent work includes independent short films, commercials, games/apps, web based projects and musical artists.  Q’d Up works for independent directors, big and small production companies, design studios, agencies, visual artists and direct clients such as:

  • TV/Film/Video Production:
    • American Healthcare Media, Aidem Media, Novatar Productions
  • Marketing/Advertising:
    • Gravity Digital, Visual Blogging Solutions
  • Broadcast Networks:
    • Comcast, FOX, PBS, WGCU
  • Print/Publishing:
    • The Washington Post, Bull Publishing
  • TV shows:
    • Dr. Oz Show, Kids Prov 123
  • App and Game Companies:
    • Kid's Academy, Fragranze Apps, KooApps
  • Companies & Products:
    • Washington DC Top Rated Doctors, Rustoleum’s NeverWet, Unicity, Arbor Gate Garden Center
  • Musicians
    • Innavibe, Altered Essence, Lei Row, The Civil Mics Movement, The Sound Fuse, Kahli Abdu

John Luckenbaugh, owner and chief engineer of Q’d Up , is an all-around music entrepreneur with esteemed accomplishments in sound engineering, music production, DJ entertainment and live/studio instrumentalist. He is a graduate of both Recording Connection (Audio Engineering) and Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Bachelors Degree in Audio Production) where he learned the business and production techniques of the mass media industry (Television, Radio, Audio Production) while specializing in sound engineering.

16 years of experience has contributed to our view of music being the strongest link to personal feelings.  With that passion for sound and the belief that great sound makes a big difference in the end result, we'll shape the soundtrack to your project needs to help you tell your story.